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Welcome to Abraham's Equine Clinic


Abraham’s Equine clinic is Iowa’s premier equine veterinarian, A.I., and stud resource. From our state-of-the-art equine facilities located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Abraham’s Equine Clinic Team is ready to serve you and your horses.

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Abraham’s Equine Clinic sits on 29 acres, in southeastern Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Both individual and group tours are welcome, but are scheduled by appointment only.

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24 HR Ambulatory Services

Abraham’s Equine Clinic offers ambulatory veterinary care for horses in our practice area.

If you have an emergency or other immediate needs, please contact Abraham’s Equine Clinic ASAP!

Phone: (319) 366-6441

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Do you have a testimonial or success story to share? We’d love to hear it! Send your story and a photo to us by email.

Great full-service equine clinic and hospital. They have brought more than one horse I know of back from the brink. Colic, leg injuries, you name it, I know of horses still walking around to day that other vets would have given up on. They have gotten my horses into the clinic in the dead of night, and even found a way to get them transported back home to me in the middle of the winter when my rig was down.

Ann C.

Excellent equine vet care. Came out to the farm to geld our miniature horse without seeing him before and had a great attitude showing lots of care. Even with the small family watching the whole process. Made sure she explained what was being done and have gotten great after-surgery care instructions. They are highly recommended.

Corey S.

Every occasion we have had with Abraham’s Equine Clinic has been a success! When it’s time to say “goodbyes” to our horses, we are treated with much compassion and respect.

Bob T.