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Abraham's Equine Clinic

Stables inside Abrahams Equine Clinic

Stallion Alley

Our reproduction program and breeding facility are home to many of the leading equine sires in the Midwestern United States.

Our shipped semen program accommodates the stallions that stand here as well as gives stallion owners the option to haul their stallions in on an as-needed collection basis.

For additional information on equine siring or if you have questions about our equine reproduction services, please reach out to us through the contact page.

Stallion Collection days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Please call 319-366-6441 ext. 1 the day before by 5pm CST to place your order. You may confirm or cancel on collection days by 10am.

Current Available Equine Sires

Also Available for Collection

Frozen Semen Only