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Some R Trophy Boys

2009 APHA/PTHA Double Black Homozygous Stallion

Discipline: Halter

Stud fee: $700


"Shadow" was foaled May 20th, 2009, and is a gorgeous double black homozygous stallion (EE, TT, aa). He is homozygous for the black gene and homozygous for the tobiano gene. This means he will never produce a red-colored foal, all his foals will be of the tobiano pattern, and with true black points.

Shadow is simply stunning from any angle. He has the prettiest paint pattern and sweetest disposition ever seen in a stallion.

With his superb conformation, color, and movement... he without a doubt... will meet the high demand of what is expected in today’s horse industry.

Shadow has begun his show career. With limited showing, he has earned 40 PtHA halter points in just a couple of shows. Shadow placed 1st and 2nd under 4 judges in the Tobiano Color class. Shadow is a champion in the making.

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