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Abraham's Equine Clinic

A mare and a foal

Reproduction Services

Abraham’s Equine Clinic is home to the largest equine reproductive facility in Iowa. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with state-of-the-art reproductive services.  Beginning in 2024, we expanded our practice to include a new Abraham's Equine Reproduction Center, which is home to our breeding program. Foaling and Neonatal Care will remain at our main clinic at 625 Dows Rd, just 5 miles from the Reproduction Center.

For more information about this exciting expansion, read our official announcement letter to our clients.

The Equine Reproduction Center

Reproduction Center Property Features

2550 Hindman Rd. Marion, IA 52302

Greater stalling capacity | Client lounge area | Exercise space | Expanded parking | All under-one-roof | Increased paddock & pasture space

Stallion Reproduction Center Services:

Available at Reproduction Center

  • Semen evaluation and testing of cooled

  • Stallion collection and cooled shipments

  • Phantom training

  • Freezing semen

  • Semen storage and shipping

Mare Reproduction Center Services:

Available at Reproduction Center

  • Breeding soundness examination

  • Artificial insemination of cooled and frozen semen

  • Sub-fertility management and diagnostics

  • Uterine culture and cytology

  • Uterine biopsy

  • Oviduct treatment

  • Pregnancy diagnosis

  • Twin reduction

Main Clinic Foaling Services:

Foaling and Neonatal Care will remain at our Main Clinic at 625 Dows Rd.

  • Management of normal and high-risk pregnancies

  • In-house foaling services

  • Neonatal exams

  • Post-foaling mare exam

Check out our due date calculator below to see the expected foaling date.

A veterinarian using an ultrasound machine with a horse in the background

Due Date Calculator

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